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Transport FAQs

Can I leave personal belongings inside the vehicle?

We pride ourselves on workplace safety for our employees and our drivers. Loose items or personal belongings inside vehicles may result in damage to your vehicle or injury to our staff or the general public.

Our load planning is also managed according to weight of vehicles and loose items and personal belongings may increase the weight restrictions we must to adhere to.

All vehicles travelling into Western Australia are also subject to quarantine inspections. Any goods left inside vehicles travelling into WA may cause additional delays and heavy charges, so to avoid this situation we do not allow any goods inside vehicles.

Do you transport damaged vehicles?

Yes, depending on the damage. If your vehicle has very little damage and all parts of the vehicle are intact, doors can open and close and all windows are intact, we would consider your damaged vehicle. Please contact our Booking Team on 1300 656 768 for more information.
Do you transport non-running vehicles?

No. Due to an inability to load and unload non-drivable vehicles, Autocare Services are not currently equipped to move non-drivable vehicles. All vehicles must be drivable, with operable steering, foot brake and hand brake. In the event that your vehicle encounters mechanical issues during transit, Autocare Services are not responsible for rectification. One of our friendly staff will be in contact with you to help rectify the issue.
How long can I store my vehicle at your depot?

As part of our ongoing transport services, Autocare are happy to hold your vehicle in our compounds for up to five (5) business days after its arrival. We suggest that you make arrangements to collect your vehicle during this time to avoid any additional charges. For private vehicle movements we suggest collecting your vehicle as soon as possible after arrival to avoid having to relocate your vehicle within our yard.

For vehicles delivered to our agent locations, we ask that your vehicle is collected as soon as you are notified that it has been delivered. Our agent locations may not have the ability or space to store your vehicle for extended periods of time.

How long will it take to transport my vehicle?

Each transport movement has a different transit time. Transit times are indicative only and several factors can impact vehicle transport, including weather conditions, high movement volumes and specialised services. Autocare advises all customers not to plan travel, holidays or work commitments around the transport of your vehicle. Feel free to contact our Customer Care Team on 1300 656 768 for more information.
When will my vehicle be collected?

Every booking placed with Autocare Services differs in its own way. For metropolitan collections we ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice to collect your vehicle. This may change, however we endeavour to have your vehicle collected within this timeframe. For rural collections, further notice will be required. Placing a desired collection date on your booking does not indicate a guaranteed date or time. One of our load planners or fleet controllers will be in contact with you prior to collection to nominate a date and timeframe.
How do I make payment for my vehicle transport?

We accept Visa, MasterCard or direct deposit. Secure payment is made via our online booking system or over the phone through our Customer Care Team on 1300 656 768. Payment will not be accepted at our depot locations in the form of cheque, money order or cash. We do not accept currently payment via American Express.
Is C.O.D available?

No, all bookings must be prepaid prior to transport.
Is my vehicle covered by insurance?

Autocare does not offer insurance for your vehicle, if Autocare is found to be negligent in damaging your vehicle, we have a claims process. We suggest that you have your own personal cover for your vehicle transport. We recommend that you contact your personal insurance company prior to vehicle transport to ensure that you are covered.
Do you transport motorcycles, trailers, caravans, boats or other watercraft?

We do not transport trailers, caravans, boats or other watercraft.

If you have a query relating to the relocation of a motorcycle please contact our Customer Care Centre on 1300 656 768 to discuss your requirements.

Do I need to remove all external accessories?

In some instances we ask that your roof racks, weather shields, rear window louvers, bonnet protectors and tow bar tongues need to be removed. Please contact our Customer Service department on 1300 656 768 if you have any concerns about any external accessories.
Do I need to be present when my vehicle is collected or delivered?

Yes. Someone should always be present when your vehicle is collected or delivered to your private or business address. Upon collection and delivery our drivers will conduct a vehicle survey of your vehicle, which you will be asked to sign and agree with. Our drivers will then take possession of your keys and provide you with a copy of our vehicle survey.
Where are your depot locations?

Autocare has depot locations in all major cities. Where we do not have an Autocare Depot, we may use other reputable companies who can take possession of your vehicle and hold it in order for Autocare to collect or deliver.

In some instances there are locations where we do not deliver to private or business locations, and in this case we may either use an ‘Agent’ location or arrange a ‘Call To Meet’ point. Our drivers contact you upon approach to advise where they will be located. This will be a safe location for loading or unloading your vehicle.

Please note: In the event of a ‘Call To Meet’ booking, we recommend that your vehicle is registered so that it may be driven away from the nominated location or covered for vehicle transport without registration plates.

I have a special transport request. What do I do?

If you have a special transport requirement such as priority movement or enclosed transport request, please contact one of our friendly Customer Service staff on 1300 656 768 to discuss your needs. We will endeavour to assist whereever possible.
What if my vehicle travels through a road tollway?

It is possible that during your vehicle movement, it may travel through a road tollway. Although unlikely, if your vehicle travels through a tollway and you encounter charges relating to this movement, we suggest that you contact the toll provider regarding these charges. If you require any supporting documentation from Autocare Services outlining details of this movement please contact our insurance department at insurance@autocare.com.au