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Autocare Services ramps up fleet conversions

Vehicle logistics specialist modifies vehicles to order between the ship and the dealership

AUTOCARE Services is ramping up its fleet vehicle conversion activities aimed at customising vehicles for small businesses, medium enterprises and large organisations across Australia.

The company has positioned itself as a fleet solution where it can handle a special order from a fleet operator, be it a small-to-medium business or major corporation, and manage the process for fleet clients under one roof.

The national business development manager of Autocare Services, Joe Berlingeri, said “Because we have the vehicles ready to be delivered, it makes sense to get us to do the fit-outs as they are already sitting in our yards.”

“We have a fleet conversion department and we have qualified people within the fleet team to look for solutions for the buyers according to the requirements they have provided,” Mr Berlingeri said.

“For us it is about fitting out vehicles to the customer’s specifications.

“For example, Autocare Services has a telecommunications customer where they fit out their vehicles with the racking and equipment-securing devices – including a wash basin for service technicians – that are needed for technical employees in the field.

“Other equipment required by fleets includes laptop cradles, satellite tracking, gas detection device holders and a variety of cradles to hold their special equipment within the van depending on what the customers require.

“Of course, all of this has to be balanced against keeping the fit-out within weight limits as well,” he said.

“Dealers can store their cars with Autocare Services, install the special fit-out specific to a fleet customer, register the vehicles and then transport the vehicles to the customers against the dealer order. That is the benefit of dealing with Autocare Services.

“At this stage it is fair to say that many dealers don’t realise that Autocare Services does this kind of work. Customers can send vehicles to us to convert, register and then deliver to their final destination.

“We have relationships with providers of shelving and equipment for the vehicle fit-outs. We manage the entire process, based on the designs provided to us by the customer, we carry out the conversion.

“The conversions might be ordered by the OEM which provides us with the materials for us to complete the fit-out before being delivered to the customers. Alternatively, we work directly with the end customer and manage the entire package,” Mr Berlingeri said.

The company says that in addition to these engineered and complex vehicle fit-outs, it has a wide range of other services which should appeal to dealers, fleet managers and OEMs.

As featured in GoAutoNews Premium.